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NoDoz (Why the Pacers can't afford to sleep on John Wall & Co.)

PG: "See how smooth that is bruh? John Wall: "Humm huh! You better hold on to it too!"
As I was comin’ out of this brown bag joint in the hood gettin’ some fire catfish, I overheard these cats next door in the vacant lot arguing about the art of preparation. Louis Pasteur, the French chemist and microbiologist, said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German poet and novelist, said it this way, “Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” Then Ed Bradley, the famous journalist, started a fight with, “Be prepared, work hard and hope for a little luck. Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have.”

Going seven games with the Atlanta Hawks may have provided all of the luck that the Indiana Pacers may need to knock off the Washington Wizards playboy. First of all, Atlanta woke these duns up because they clearly slept on the boyz from the Dirty initially. It wasn’t until the Hawks took them to the SWATS (Southwest Atlanta) did the Pacers take them seriously.

Now the Wizards come to town after pushing the Bulls into a corner and taking all of their sneakers and jewelry off of them in five on the ‘L’ train comin' from the west side. In my Puff Daddy from the ‘90’s voice, “It’s real in the field” out here now playboy!

Frank Vogel said at practice on Sunday, “I think Teague helped us prepare for John Wall. I think Millsap helped us prepare for Nene. And Korver helped us prepare for Bradley Beal. But they’re a different team. I think the heightened alertness, more than anything, will hopefully help us going into this series.”

In other words pimpin’, they aren’t sleepin’ on the Wizards! They may as well be poppin’ some ole school NoDoz or something because they can’t afford to even nap on these cats comin’ here tonight.

These boyz stomachs are full of 5-Hour Energy, Monster, Jolt, Pepsi Max, Mountain Dew and whatever else they could find to keep them up. They’re walking around looking like they’re about to do the remix of the Thriller video at this point bruh. I bet they’re sleepin’ standing up like cattle gettin’ prepared for this series. Because if they blink John Wall and Co. could get into their pockets real quick and they can’t afford to give up anything.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Wall, Beal and Trevor Ariza will give the Pacers fits because of their athletic ability and first steps too. However, as solid as Nene and Marcin Gortat are they play a traditional power game unlike Millsap and Pero Antic did. Those two cats could create their own shots, play on the perimeter and shoot threes. Now granted, Pero never got goin’ against the Pacers but he was always a solid threat so they had to account for him.

Because the Hawks’ bigs had the ability to spread the floor that gave the Pacers serious problems because Millsap and Antic had boyz chasing them around all night opening up running lanes making duns like Shelvin Mack look like Meadow Lark Lemon bruh. And you already know what Teague was doin’ to boyz.

Well… in this series that won’t happen because the Wizards’ power game plays right into the hands of the Pacers. So David West and Roy Hibbert shouldn’t be as challenged as they were in the opening round.

Boyz ain’t trippin’ off of D. West! He’s gonna give you straight up effort and aggressiveness every night. However, what boyz in the barber shop really want to know is whether Hibbert is gonna get out of the ride and fight with these boyz EVERY night? That’s the answer real heads want to know!

If Hibbert is a factor in this series the Pacers shouldn’t have problems gettin’ rid of them in six. But if Roy puts the seat belt on, turns on the Luther and sticks his feet out of the window they could be in trouble because Vogel is loyal to him and won’t just bench him. But I’ve got to give Frank the benefit of the doubt because he did make adjustments to the rotation to get rid of the Hawks. So let’s sit in the cut and see how it all plays out and stop me when I start lyin’!

Holla At Ya Boy!
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