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Body Slammed (Pacers get rid of Wizards & buys a must needed slingshotfrom Pookie)

"Y'all know that it just got real right?"
Steve Garvey once said, “You must be passionate, you must dedicate yourself, and you must be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. If you do, you will be successful.” John F. Kennedy kept it simple for a boy by saying, “History is a relentless master, it has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside.” Then Galileo Galilei, the 16th century Italian physicist and mathematician, broke it down like this, “Nature is relentless and unchangeable and it is indifferent as to whether its hidden reasons and actions are understandable to man or not.”

Well one thing is for sure and two is for certain, nobody can understand the reasons and actions of the Indiana Pacers. However, they were relentless enough to close the Wizards out 93-80 to move on to the next round of blood shed to face that Philistine and his homies from South Beach.

After looking like they forgot how to play the game of basketball in Game 5 at the crib and seemingly gettin’ push around by the neighborhood bully on the glass 62-23, boyz showed up in Washington ready to play. Now I’m not sure if it was the tongue lashin’ given to them by Frank Vogel, Larry Bird or Big Momma but somethin’ made these boyz get out of the whip for Game 6.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Not only were the Wizards scoutin’ the Pacers they had a spy on Big Momma too. Follow that dun everywhere she goes and bait her into scrappin’ so that she doesn’t have a positive effect on the Pacers game. Well you can fool her once but she’s from the hood too. So she called in reinforcements for Game 6 after gettin’ tangled up in Game 5 out in the parkin’ lot with a dun in a Wizards costume talkin’ crazy to her and she never even made it into the area. All of the old ladies from the church with the Big Hats, patent leather shoes and smellin’ like moth balls were waitin’ on ole boy this time. What’s up with old ladies at church smellin’ like moth balls bruh?

While they were outside beatin’ the brakes off of the Wizards spy/Big Momma scout the Pacers were inside puttin’ in work too. All five starters finished in double figures as David West came through the joint with that “I’m not even playin’ with these boyz” look. He scored 29 points all while commandin’ the rock and goin’ 13-26 from the field which was a career playoff high for shot attempts. Lance The Don Dada Mr. #BornReady himself was aggressive out the gate and finished with 17, 8 and 5!

Like I’ve been sayin’ all season long, leave that dun alone bruh! He’s the type of cat that you need on the floor because of the edge that he plays with. On some real talk, the Pacers wouldn’t even be in a position to even play in the Eastern Conference Finals if it weren’t for the attitude that he brings to this team. Just tell the beer man to keep his head on a swivel and be sure to put extra air in the freakin’ ball because that dun is sure to bounce all of it out before halftime. But that’s my guy so pull a Snoop Dogg and back up off of him and sit yo cup down! He's all good!

Paul George managed to get out of the joint with 12 as both Roy Hibbert and George Hill finished with 11 apiece. Roy even grabbed 7 rebounds on a boy. Big Momma must have left her girls outside beatin’ up ole boy from the Wizards and sat courtside with her strap in her hand. You know the drill she was like, “Now don't make me get up from here!” Security had to come over three or four times to tell her to put out her cigarettes and to stop cursin’.

She body slammed the first dun that came over with an attitude though. You can tell her whatever you want to but don’t try to punk her bruh. Those of us that grew up in the hood already know how to address her but a boy from the suburbs has to get turned over on his head before he gets it and by then it’s too late.

After the game she gave the team her most famous line of all-time, “Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” All season long boyz have been hollerin’ about gettin’ the No. 1 seed so that they could have home court advantage in the playoffs because that’s what they needed to get past Miami. Well playboy, they rubbed the bottle and the Genie popped out wearin’ a referee’s shirt and rockin’ some LeBron’s!

So before this series even starts he’s already tellin’ boyz, “I don’t wanna hear no complainin’ about calls not goin’ your way. It’s a superstar’s league and it’s always been. Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kareem and duns like Kobe have all gotten the calls playboy! So LeBron and D. Wade will too. You just gotta control the controllable and show up every night.

As Roy Hibbert goes so goes the Pacers! That dun has to show up EVERY night and his boyz have to stop actin’ bi-polar on the floor. One night they show up the next night they’re at the Sunset somewhere. Let’s keep it real on Miami too, LeBron and D. Wade gettin’ calls isn’t gonna to win the series for them pimpin’. It’s gonna be that Philistine havin’ his way with boyz and shooters like Ray Ray showin’ up in critical moments of the series. They only need D. Wade to really show up in two games. He doesn’t need to be a beast for 4 or 5 games bruh.

It should be interestin’ to see which Pacers team shows up because it only takes one game to blow home court advantage to take the slingshot out of their hands. And in order to slay that Philistine they’re gonna need the slingshot that they got off of Pookie because you can’t just wrestle with him especially at his crib. Stop me when I start lyin’!

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