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The Response (The REAL reason the Pacers were able to blast the Hawks in Game 2)

I was in the barber shop with the fellas choppin’ it up before the game when these cats started arguing about desperation. William S. Burroughs, the famous novelist, said, “Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.” Jim Carrey put the dominoes down and said, “Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything, or creating anything. Period. If you ain't desperate at some point, you ain't interesting." Then Douglas Horton, the well known Protestant clergyman, hit sixes on a boy with, “Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention.”

Well…the Indiana Pacers have been essentially stealing from the Mafia since the All-Star break bruh because they’ve been attracting the wrong attention ever since. On Tuesday night they had everybody’s undivided attention including the Atlanta Hawks after they beat the brakes off of them 101-85.

The Pacers came into Game 2 desperate because they couldn’t afford to show up in the “A” down 0-2. Losing two in a row at the crib would have been suicide and boyz knew that. The Hawks did everything they could to talk them into slitting their wrists but Paul George wouldn’t allow it.

Ole boy stepped up big by knocking down 27 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and throwing 6 dimes. Not only did he put in work offensively but he locked Jeff Teague down for the night like a jealous boy friend.

You know that cat! He and his girl grew up together and now she's making moves in her career and he's still doing the same thing he was doing when he graduated from high school. That cat!! SMH

After Teague looked like freakin’ Jesus Shuttlesworth on them in Game 1, PG took on the task of slowing him down in Game 2. He held that dun to just 7 points in the first half and then wrapped him up for 7 in the second playboy. Desperation is a beast bruh!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Animals react to threats with a general discharge of the sympathetic nervous system causing them to either fight or flee. It’s commonly referred to as the Fight or Flight Response. Well…boyz saw the Pacers’ joint kick in in Game 2 when they got backed into the preverbal corner as the Hawks were snatching jewelry and sneakers in the first half.

When they went down 38-27 in the second quarter duns around this piece started turning TV’s off and cursing like sailors. “I can’t believe these cats played like beasts all year only to go out like some suckas!” By the time they got to the break it was a four point game and boyz had turned the TV's back on.

As the Hawks were still in the locker room enjoying the break the Pacers caught them off guard and kicked in the door like the Feds comin' to get Lil’ June, Pistol and Ray Ray nem over in Haughville.

By the time the third quarter was over the Pacers had gone on a 31-13 run and had every stitch of jewelry the boyz from the ATL came in with. At one point they had gone on a 25-2 run. Why? Because desperation is a beast!

Boyz pulled up and jumped out of the ride on a mission just to prove that they weren’t the suckas that everybody’s been calling them over the past month. Luis Scola hit the switches and got it in with 20, George Hill was slamming Cadillac doors with 15 and even ole C.J. Watson jumped out of the Fiat and pushed the door in with 10.

Ole Roy was still strapped in the car seat watching Spongebob though. That dun only dropped off 6 points and 4 rebounds in 24 minutes. David West was sittin' in the ride with him arguing over which DVD they were gonna watch next. He played the same 24 minutes and only managed 8 points and 2 rebounds. Wheredeydodatat?

However, I've gotta give tall props to the duns that did get out of the ride.

Now let’s see if they can keep from rolling through the “Magic City” and getting distracted. They haven’t won but two games in Atlanta since 2006. That’s a riddle that these boyz will have to solve if they don’t want to look like some suckas going out in the first round to the eight seed. I’m just sayin’ and stop me when I start lyin’!

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