Bad Press (Why boyz need to back up off of Lance Stephenson)

"Y'all call that news bruh?"
When I pulled up at the light in the hood I saw these three cats arguing about wasting a boyz time. Uncle Leroy, the neighborhood pimp, said, “Don’t waste my time with foolishness because my time is money playboy.” Mr. Willie, the head dun down at the car wash, got fired up and said, “Never tell me something that I already know to be true and then act like you’re telling me something. That’s a waste of my time.” Then Young Trip, the cat selling incense and smell good on the corner, walked up and shut the joint down with, “Don’t waste a boyz time with information that’s a waste of a boyz time.”

Well on Wednesday some so-called reporter from Yahoo decided that he was gonna tell the world that the Indiana Pacers had problems, like we didn’t already know that. Then he goes on to say that Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner got into a scrap at practice the day before the playoffs started. It was the news of the day everywhere but in the ghetto and for boyz that have ever played ball before bruh.

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Boyz have been fighting at practices ever since John Naismith evented the freakin’ game! Now I don’t know how they do it in the suburbs but in the ghetto you aren’t trying to win if you aren’t talking trash and badgering the next cat to the point of frustration. And guess what playboy, sometimes hands get thrown and especially at teammates.

So for this cat from Yahoo to jump out of the birthday cake and act like he’s the entertainment for the night was a sucka move. Lance and Evan understand the rules of engagement 1000 percent. Why? Because Lance is from Brooklyn and Evan is from Chicago! They aren’t running to tell Big Momma that they got into a squab with a boy at practice. Why? Because Big Momma will end up cursing both of those duns out and hanging up. So if Big Momma ain't trippin' why should we?

Don't get it twisted playboy, they've got some chemistry issues but boyz fighting at practice ain't the problem. There are a lot deeper issues there than some cats throwin' hands. See boyz from Any Hood, USA can box today and be cool tomorrow. So that's not an issue.

What blows my mind is how cats always try to blast Lance The Don Dada Mr. #BornReady himself on a regular basis because he’s in their opinion, an agitator, which is code for "street."

He’s playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played playa. He's intense and wants to win and sometimes that ain't pretty. Everybody hates guys like that until he's on your team. Ask duns from Brooklyn if they like KG and Paul Pierce now.

If you aren’t one of the cats on his team then you’re open game even at practice. I bet Lance and Evan didn’t get into a fight over the ball. They probably got into it because Lance was aggravating him either by checking him or going to the rack talking $100 worth of noise. One or the other or both simply had enough and now it's cool.

Instead of always blaming Lance try blaming the duns that don’t show up night in and night out. You can pencil ole boy in EVERY night for at least 12-15 points, 8-9 rebounds and 7 or 8 dimes. He leads the freakin' league in triple doubles and he’s the very cat that brings all of the energy to the building.

So if he wants to aggravate a boy at practice then I’m cool with it. Heat is the great curator bruh! You can't get better unless you're being pushed out of your comfort zone. Would you rather him get along with everybody and never get out of the freakin’ car when they pull up to really fight? I’m just sayin’!

In order to win you’ve got to have some fight in you. What ole boy should have been reporting is that they’ve finally figured out that this thing was important. Because if they aren’t upset enough for it to go to blows every now and then, then they aren’t ready to compete! Stop me when I start lyin’!

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