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Ginger Bread Man (Why Paul George's superstar moniker is on hold in the barber shop)

"C'mon Jay! You know this is hot!"
You already know that when I hit Beal Street my first stop is to BB King’s joint for some fire ribs and crazy hot music! Call me corny but call me full and feeling good. As I’m getting my groove on these cats sitting next to me started arguing about preparation. George Washington said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish novelist and poet, ordered another round of drinks and said, “All speech, written or spoken, is a dead language, until it finds a willing and prepared hearer.” Then Annie Besant, the British socialist and women’s right activist, grabbed the mic and shouted, “Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act.”

Well ole Annie should have been over at shoot around to holler at the Pacers before they jumped out of the ride and embarrassed themselves by gettin’ tore up by the Grizzlies 82-71 because they weren’t prepared to act at all.

Memphis had already gotten their lunch money and sneakers taken on Friday night down in Miami when the Philistine got loose on ‘em. So they weren’t trying to let some more cats from the East run through them too. Not two days in a row! So they told all the homies in Orange Mound that some duns from Indiana were on their way to the city. So be prepared for war.

When the Pacers pulled up with Paul George driving duns saying “mane” every third word came out of the bushes on ‘em! Mike Conley put 21 in the driver side door while Zach Randolph hit the passenger side hard with 18 and 13 boards. Ole limpin’ Mike Miller put 13 in the grill to stopped the car completely as Marc Gasol blew out the back window with 10 solid joints.

The only dun in the ride that was holdin’ was Lance The Don Dada Mr. #BornReady himself. Ole boy came out droppin’ boyz like Nate Dog helpin’ Warren G in Regulator. He put 15 in ‘em, drabbed 8 boards and threw 4 dimes. What more can you ask for bruh?

Fans can say what they wanna say about Lance Stephenson but that dun is gonna show up EVERY night playboy!

D. West came out of the back seat with 10 and 6 to attempt to hold boyz off but Paul George claims he was shooting but his joint kept jammin’ and he only landed 8. George Hill got worked and couldn’t get his joint from under the seat and only managed 4 while Roy’s big “A” never attempted to get out of the whip bruh!

Let’s keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! I know y’all are tired of me saying it playboy but that dun is a problem. While the fellas are getting carjacked in front of the Stax Museum and the locals are bumpin’ some Otis Redding as the theme music for the beat down, Tela, Eight Ball and MJG took ‘em to the local Suave House and it was “Sho Nuff” over. As all the girls in the club was showin’ love, Roy was comfortable in the back seat hidin’! This cat had 4 points and not a single rebound all night bruh! ALL NIGHT!!! That’s a problem!

That’s just down right insubordination! How can you keep showing up and boyz keep let you in the ride knowing you aren’t gonna fight when it’s time to get down? I’m serious! Where I’m from you’ve got one time to leave boyz hangin’! Not only will you not be gettin’ back in the ride but you’re gonna take a beat down from the hood when we get back to the crib.

Now I can’t just blast Roy, I’ve got to get at the dun that was driving the joint too and that’s PG. Like I said earlier in the week, the fellas in the barber shop are gonna hold on to that superstar moniker because he ain’t ready for it yet. Superstars don’t show up and drop off 8 points while wearing ridiculous outfits. And yes playboy he’s always got on some foolishness.

Superstars show up wearing ridiculous outfits and go off on you! Like the foolishness of the pink pants that D. Wade had on in the Eastern Conference Finals last year, then went out and blitzed the Pacers for 41. Or the polka dot Capri suit he rocked with no socks and lit boyz up. When you can look like a clown and then clown some boyz we'll call you a superstar but not until them.

See you can look like a fool all day as long as you’re puttin’ in work pimpin’! But you can’t show up lookin’ like the Ginger Bread Man and then play like him too. Stop me when I start lyin’!

Holla At Ya Boy!

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