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The Feds (How the Suns hit the front door on the Pacers while they were still in bed)

"Too little too late my brothers!"
As I was enjoying the excellent shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo’s before the game, these cats knocked over my table wrestling over the subject of underestimating boyz. Oliver Stone said, “Never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy. Never underestimate that.” Iain Duncan Smith, the British politician, got up like a gentleman and said, “Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man.” Then Robert H. Schuller, the televangelist, moved some furniture around like a real G when he said, “Never underestimate your problem or your ability to deal with it.”

When the Indiana Pacers came off of their five game west coast road trip on Wednesday they knew that they had a problem to deal within 24 hours but didn’t expect it to show up so soon. The Phoenix Suns showed up in Indy like the Feds playboy at what seemed like 4:35 am, hit the front door and overwhelmed them 102-94.

The Pacers have been comfortable at the crib having lost only 1 game this season. They figured it would be all good once we got back to the flat but had no idea that the same duns that blasted them a week ago in Phoenix 124-100 would show up wanting more.

It’s just like the streets out here bruh. Once you make a name for yourself boyz want to come up in the game on you. Why not give the Pacers everything you got? The Suns were playing with house money bruh. Nobody trips if they take an "L" out here because everybody else has too.

The Suns tried to be nice and cordial on the first knock but when boyz didn’t wake up and answer the joint. They came right through the front door with the battering ram.

Goran Dragic led the way with 28 points all while throwing 7 dimes. Gerald Green and Marcus Morris threw 16 apiece into the bedroom windows to flush cats out. Ole Gerald understood the layout of the crib so he knew exactly which windows to hit seeing that he used to live there and never left the house. Catch that one later playboy.

At the break the Pacers were laying out in the front yard disoriented 66-49 trying to figure out what just hit them. As the Feds were trying to get those dull plastic ties on their wrists they suddenly started resisting arrest. Why? Because they had way too much weight in the crib to just let it go like that. Boyz had put in too much work to just give it up without a fight.

They wrestled with those duns the entire second half to make a game out of it. Roy Hibbert, who was named to the All-Star team earlier in the night, put up 26 and 6 on them. David West man handled a few cats for 18 and George Hill got off 17 in the flurry. Ole Lance the Don Dada, Mr. #BornReady himself who was completely snubbed in the All-Star voting, was again deadly on Thursday night. He recorded his fourth triple double of the season putting up 14 points, 10 rebounds and 10 dimes. That is the most of any player in the league and cats like John Wall and DeMar DeRozan made the team? C’mon bruh!

If you thought that ole boy played with a chip on his shoulder before Thursday you better watch out the rest of the way. I’m just sayin’!

As hard as the Pacers played in the second half to erase a monumental deficit it was just too much of a hole to come out of especially when the 3-ball was horrendous. They shot a measly 6 percent from behind the arc and only made 70 percent of their free throws. When I tell you that Phoenix ran up on these boyz in the bed; they literally ran up on these boyz slobbering and foaming at the mouth.

The Suns were in there standing on top of them before they knew what hit them. I bet from now on the Pacers will have a lookout posted up in the tree out front like a deer hunter. Tell Chris Copeland to put on the camouflage because he just drew the short straw. That’ll give him something to do around this piece. Stop me when I start lyin’!

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