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Rules of Engagement! (Why the media is hatin' on Lance Stephenson for following hood protocol!)

"What you mad about bruh? I'm givin' you what you paid to see!"
Y'all know how I do bruh! I normally sit in the cut for a few days and listen to all of these hatin' media type cats talk about boyz that they know nothing about because most the athletes they foam at the mouth about are from places that they've NEVER been to. THE GHETTO!!! It's funny to me that a cat will give you an opinion of something that he's completely ignorant of and then act like he really knows what's up.

That's why I found it hilarious that for the past three days or so duns have been blasting Lance Stephenson for shakin' his hips after the funky crossover that made Courtney Lee fall on Monday. Ole boy put up his third triple double of the season while feelin' it too! So he gave the crowd what they came to see playboy. In my Maximus voice, "Were you not entertained!" and if you were, what are you complaining about!

What Lance did was standard hood protocol and anybody offended by what he did didn't grow up in the ghetto and is only proving their ignorance of players that did! I tripped because I saw so many people on Twitter and other writers that were actually upset with ole boy for gettin' down because they felt like he was being disrespectful. ARE FREAKIN' YOU KIDDING ME?

Let's keep it real or all the way 100, whichever comes 1st! Every single person that felt that way grew up in the suburbs! Point plank!! How can I say that? Because all hood dwellers and former hood dwellers understood exactly what he was doing when he did it. When kids first learn how to play ball in the hood, they are taught by the older kids that the game is played between the ears. See everyone in the hood has talent, speed, agility and quickness. So the playing field/court many times is level. How can a kid get an advantage? By getting inside of the other guy’s head and that's what Lance was doin' bruh! Courtney Lee knew that too! That's why he got his butt up and ran back down court lookin' crazy.

It is as simple as that. If you want to compete in the hood you have to be able to hold your own. Playing in the ghetto is where the best games are played. That's why you see guys that have been able to escape the hood and move to the suburbs take their kids back to the hood to play ball. It's the only way you're going to know if your kid is good enough!

Ballin' some nerdy kids in the suburbs where everybody get's a turn and is told that they're doing a great job means absolutely nothing. Can he ball with some kid talking about his momma and telling him how bad he's about to school him? Can he ball with a kid in his face telling him that he's garbage for the sake of saying it and none of the adults in the building are going to stop the abuse. That's the litmus test bruh! All of these cats in the league have passed that test already whether they grew up in the ghetto or not. They had to come through some cat that did.

If you aren’t strong mentally you won’t make it. So kids in that environment have learned to be tough early on because those are the ground rules. You can’t afford to get labeled as the kid that can’t take the trash talk because you’ll get targeted daily. Boyz will intentionally go after you just to break you down mentally. Those are the rules and they don't stop once you get to the NBA bruh. The only difference between the NBA and the courts in the projects are that the corporate sponsorships, television cameras and the ole white dudes paying top dollar to sit court side to watch the joint. Also, boyz aren't scrappin' as much any more but the 70% of the same duns are playin'.

It’s more than just a game it’s about who’s tougher between the ears. Those that are the toughest mentally usually become the better players. Those that aren’t, typically quit before they get out of middle school. That’s just the way it is. This is the way guys are taught to play the game. The question has always been, how can I get an edge on a guy that has the same amount of talent that I have? There’s no secret formula or magic potion, just rattle him until he breaks.

Also the game is a lot more fun to play when everyone understands the rules of engagement. The weak players were eliminated in middle school so that the real trash talkers make it to high school. Then the celebrations and talk gets even louder and more harsh. By the time guys make it to college it’s at a fever pitch. Why do you think that the Miami Hurricanes were so successful in the 1980’s through 2001 other than playing in the dull Big East? In a span of twenty years they won 5 national championships! Yes, they were obviously better than the other teams but they also got into their opponents heads and wore them down.

 It's much easier to beat guys that are internalizing the taunting and taking it personal. It’s called “gamesmanship” playboy. In the hood it's called, "backing a boy up off of you!" I can beat you as long as I’ve got you doubting yourself and many times that means trying to embarrass you in the process. If I'm successful at doing that, I'll beat you 100% of the time. So what Lance was doing was gettin' inside the Celtics head so that they would get mad enough to make foolish plays on the other end and eventually quit. It's the Game inside the Game bruh!

Muhammad Ali was the king at doing it! Michael Irving “The Playmaker” and Deion Sanders “Prime Time” were very affective at doing it as well. Remember when Billy “White Shoes” Johnson would do the crazy legs in the end zone and people would go crazy? That made the game more fun to play and watch. It's entertainment isn’t it? But more importantly he was trying to get into the other teams head. Why are people trying to take the attitude out of the game? That’s what makes the Game the Game!

Here we go, here's the sports writer with the rural or suburban background, "You don't have to do all of that to play the game Jay! Just play the game!" If you're from the ghetto you do playboy because that's the game that you learned to play and to ask a boy not to is to stop him from playin' the game! You can't go to the ghetto and get a boy and then ask him not to be what you went and got!

That's like marrying a stripper and gettin' mad that every dun in the night club knows her name and when her song comes on she has a tendency of gettin' naked and climbing poles! She is who she is playboy! Too Short said it best and if you don't know the song that I'm talkin' about then I can't help you playa!

I hear commentators so many times demonizing players for celebrating or talking trash by saying that they’re disrespecting the other team. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do! They’re trying to get into the heads of the opponent so that they can WIN the game. The hood makes the NBA the NBA bruh! If the ghetto didn't exist there wouldn't be an NBA as we know it because there wouldn't be enough talent on the floor to field 30 teams. That's real talk!

If you took all of the guys out of the league that grew up in the ghetto that clearly understand the rules of engagement it wouldn't even be a televised sport! So for all of these folks that are offended by ole boy shakin' his hips, I'm just glad you didn't grow up in my hood because you never would have played organized or street ball because you would have been too soft to get on the court or field. Also, your folks would have gone broke trying to replace your sneakers every night because boyz would have taken them from you daily. Believe me, Lance dancing in front of Boston only got Gerald Green and Co. fired up to play them again. And if they don't wanna see Lance do his dance keep him from goin' to the Rucker because otherwise he will. See how the game works pimp? Stop me when I start lyin' and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Holla At Ya Boy!
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The quote under the caption isn't real but its REAL talk!

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