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An O.G. Ambush (The REAL reason the Pacers got caught up in the Chi 110-94)

"We bout to put this thang on y'all tonight pimp!"
As I walked into Harold’s Chicken on the west side of Chicago Saturday afternoon there were three cats arguing about preparation. Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else preparation is the key to success.” While Confucius was throwing his bread under the bullet proof glass in exchange for his food he said, “Success depends upon previous preparation and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” Then General Colin Powell stood up and said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Ole Colin was right playboy! The Chicago Bulls learned from their failure on November 6 when they got the brakes beat off of them in Indy 97-80, came out on Saturday night and laid the wood to the undefeated Pacers 110-94.

While all of those educated duns were arguing about preparation inside of Harold’s the O.G.’s were standing outside saying, “All of that sounds good playa but we know that these cats are about to show up in the Chi looking to carjack a boy and it ain’t gonna happen.” See all the G’s gotta know is that you’re coming and they’ll be ready. How did they know? Because it’s been on TV, radio and billboards all over town for weeks bruh.

See they’ve heard about the last 8 cats that got beat down by the Pacers and they remember getting caught up in an Indiana alley back in November. Duns from the Chi already know that when a boy tries to sneak into their world he’s not gettin’ out alive.

As the Pacers pulled up bumpin’ that DJ Khaled “All I Do Is Win”, Taj Gibson jumped out of the ride bussin’! He put 23 into the passenger side door and D. Rose hit the driver side with 20. The former MVP’s joint jammed initially missing his first two shots then he got comfortable on a boy and went 6 of 11 from the arc.

The Pacers tried to come out of the ride shooting but it wasn’t enough! Big Boy Roy Hibbert jumped out of the back seat with 14 points and the hustlas from the Chi kept the normally 20 plus point Paul George to only 12. Lance Stephenson gave boyz in usual 12 and David West did some damage with 13 but without P.G. being able to get loose it was a wrap.

Then ole dull Carlos Boozer and Chris Copeland ran out in the street when the joint was pretty much over(21 seconds left) and started pushing and shoving like that was gonna change anything. In my Big Momma voice, "Get yo “A” back in the ride so we can get out of here man! You in the way!"

We knew that at some point the Pacers would lose because it’s the freakin’ NBA but you never expect for a boy to get carjacked like that. We’ll, I guess messin’ with some cats from Chicago it makes sense! They are the one team that has some real fire inside of them whether they’re playing with starters or reserves! Tall respect for the Chi playboy! Now before we get outta here I gotta stop by Home Run Inn Pizza and Garrett’s Popcorn bruh. Then we gotta stop by the G (Gary, In. my hometown not far from the Southside) and grab some El Nortino's Tacos off of 5th Ave. because you’ll starve to death messin' with these boyz in Nap! Stop me when I start lyin’!

Holla At Ya Boy!
Jay Graves
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The quote under the caption isn't real but its REAL talk!

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